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We are taking appointments in our newly remodeled multipurpose massage room.  We are offering massages on Tuesdays from 9-2. Please book online or call 724-626-7546.  We will be adding additional hours soon. 

Massages are performed here by Licensed Massage Therapist

SPA FACES Signature Massage ~ (60 min-$70 / 80 min- $90)*  The massage of your dreams.  Let us take your massage experience to the next level of relaxation.  Includes a scalp massage, warm mitts, booties and neck roll to enhance your massage experience.

Deep Tissue Massage~(30 min- $40 /60 min- $65 / 90 min -$85)*
This technique focuses in on the specific problem areas using deep muscle manipulation.
Hot Stone Massage
~ (30 min- $40 /60 min- $65 / 90 min -$85)*Warm massage stones are used to warm and relax you as they penetrate heat deep into the muscle.  This technique allows for deeper work without the discomfort. Let this treatment take you to a new level of relaxation.

Swedish Massage ~ (30min - $35/ 60min - $55 / 90min - $75)*

This is a traditional relaxation massage.  The techniques used in this massage help melt away stress and tension.

Aromatherapy Massage ~ (30 min - $40 / 60 min - $60 / 90min -$80)*

A swedish massage with the addition of your favorite aroma oil.


Pregnancy Massage ~ (60 min $55)*                                                                  
For the mother-to-be.  Addresses issues for an ever changing body.  Must be in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

We have upgraded our table to include a Professional Pregnancy top for you moms to be:)

Youth massage ~ ( 20 min - $20/ 45 min $45)* up to 16 years old.

Now offering reflexology ~ (30 min - $35)*
Based on the belief that there are places on the feet that correspond to parts of the body. Manipulating those parts of the feet can have direct effects on corresponding parts of the body.

*Session time includes built in time for dressing and consultation. Example: A 60-minute session includes 50 minutes of hands-on service and 10 minutes for consultation and dressing. A 90-minute session includes 80 minutes of hands-on service and 10 minutes for consultation and dressing.

A half hour massage includes neck, shoulders, and upper back. A one hour or longer massage is an all over body massage.